How Can I Help?

The Connect Itasca survey tool provides the opportunity to sign  up as either a Champion or Sponsor.

What is a Champion?

A Connect Itasca Champion is a volunteer who commits to  spreading the word about the Connect Itasca initiative. A champion should have a passion for the goal of connecting all Itascans.

What does a CHAMPION do?

First and foremost, you would be committing to telling your  friends and neighbors about the importance of the survey and the  positive impact that completing the survey might have on your  neighborhood or township’s broadband services. Second, we may  ask you to respond to someone’s questions submitted through the  website or via telephone about Connect Itasca. Any questions that  you could not answer can be referred to project leaders.

What is a SPONSOR?

There are multiple ways to be a sponsor. You can be a sponsor by providing in-kind assistance such as in education and promotion of the survey or in technical consultation. Further into the initiative there will also be an opportunity to be a financial sponsor and help move the project forward.

What else can I do to help?

Anyone can help by posting the survey link on their Facebook, LinkedIn or other social medial sites. Or you could blog or submit a letter to your local newspaper. You could also talk at a city council or town board meetings or contact your state legislators or ask a question about how a candidate is working to bring broadband to all Itascans at an upcoming candidate forum.